Thursday, July 07, 2011

Winter Medley

Midwinter can be a dreary time, and while the past month or so has seen temperatures not as cold as usual (I hesitate to say "warmer"), we have had many dull, grey, miserable days.  Here's a medley of photos to brighten them up.
 Here's "Radiance" hanging in my class exhibition in the SIT gallery.
The first flowers opening on my Australian orchid, growing in my kitchen.  There are 6 spikes altogether.
 Seven, my Manx cat, in reflective mode.
 A piece of wintersweet that I picked while out walking
 One of the first poppies open in the park.
 Baby Tuataras at the Museum.
Begonia flowers in the Winter Gardens.

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Nancy J said...

I can see why you so enjoyed the photography part of the term. My favourite is...Seven, close up, just perfect. Those all-knowing, all-seeing eyes.No-one would know you are in the far south, my wintersweet is nowhere near as far in flower yet. just a few sparse blossoms that have escaped the torrential rain and hail.however the perfume just as "sweet"Cheers, Jean.