Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colour and more colour

 Today I went to Queens Park and photographed some flowers in close-up.  Above is a white poppy.
This is part of an orchid.
 Cineraria flowers.
 Inside a vireya rhododendron.
 Hoop petticoat daffodil.
 I've forgotten the name of these hanging plants - the flowers are usually red.


Nancy J said...

I looked this up, and the park is HUGE. 81 hectares, full golf course, winter garden, tuatarium, just some of the attractions it has to share, it is on my list of "Must See this" when we come south.Were all the flowers inside? The hellebore was such a deep shade,mine are pale,pale green, white, and a paler shade of mauve,maybe they are like the leaves in autumn, the further south, the deeper the colour.Cheers from Jean.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Shirley. 6 more weeks of winter - 42 days...

Valeri said...

Looks as if you are having loads of fun! Keep it up!