Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something old, something new

 Here's a lovely sunset captured on Tuesday.
 Today, the same view is looking  a bit different - we have snow.  Not much though, and it's not staying very long.
 It's the perfect sort of day to be doing things indoors.  I have bought myself an iPad, and have made it a quilted cover from some work of mine that was never completed - alas, I have a lot of that.
The inner cover then goes inside this felted bag, made from an op shop (thrift shop for overseas readers) jersey that I felted.  There's enough room in the felted bag for the USB cable and plug as well.


Nancy J said...

Like the old, just love the new.Well done for you!! Is it for fun, for SIT? Will you take it every day? So portable in its special bright pink bag,and the colour is so right for you. Cheers from Jean.

Donald said...

Love the framing of the sunset.



Cassy said...

I love the sunset. Sometimes, I forgot to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Also, you're title makes me remember what my grandma have told me during my wedding preparation, she said " wear something old and something new".

Nice post.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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