Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's hard to find time to blog at present due to the demands of study and part-time work, so here's some photos from that part of my life.

 A drawing of the Railway Hotel turret - my drawing isn't great but it's getting a bit better.
 These photos are form our latest class excursion out into the CBD to take street photos.  The idea was to take photos from more unusual angles. I was standing on a  chair for this photo of the woman with pink hair.
 This is a pigeon's - eye view from the first floor of the Library.
 I went up to the 3rd floor of  a building and asked to take photos out one of their windows.  Here, the automatic focus landed on the street light pole instead of the pedestrians, so I've faded out the photo edges.
Just an ordinary shot of the SIT arcade, with sepia tones added.

Photography is our main class this term - you can tell, can't you?


maree said...

Hey Shirley. Like you, I'm finding it hard to get to my blog, and equally hard to get to my normal creative ventures but it is neat to see your new direction. Hope that you are finding your photography experience an exciting one - I would love to get more out of my camera(s) so look forward to you sharing more of your 'discoveries'. Ciao

Nancy J said...

I really like the view from the window with shaded edges.Sepia tones, you are given so many new things to do, experiment with and put into practice.Yes, blogs take time,thought and creativity to keep them interesting.I now have great admiration for anyone who has one, especially one that is full of news we like to read,piocs we wait to view, and views on life and more.Waiting for more pics from all levels. Cheers from Jean.