Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy birthday, Queenie

This was the last long weekend we have until late October.  Of course, it's not really the Queen's birthday this weekend, but we like to pretend it is.

I spent quite a bit of time taking photographs in and around Invercargill.  It's pretty flat here so the city lacks dramatic landscapes - I had to make the best of what I could find.   Here's some of my favourites -
 I tried out my telephoto lens for the first time at Bluff.
 There were some quite strange clouds on the way back.
 Looking at Riverton bridge.
 Windsurfers at Colac Bay
 The pond by the aviary in Queen's Park
Roof of the winter gardens
The fountain at Queen's Park.


Nancy J said...

Just love the pics, the fountain colours captured so well. Looks as though you really enjoy this term.Up here winter has almost arrived, autumn leaves have nearly all fallen, bare branches, but the winter sweet is flowering at least 6 weeks early, tibouchina in flower, usually in February, day lilies in flower and 2 monarch butterflies fluttering around. No snow for the skiers up here.What are the seasons doing? Cheers, Jean

Clare Wassermann said...

I have really loved looking at your blog tonight. Keep up with the sketching

Leeann said...

Glad you are enjoying your course. Looks like you are really getting into your photography. The sea gull photo is my fav.

Milly said...

so very lovely.