Sunday, May 22, 2011

This and that

The photos in the last post were taken just prior to a spell of bad weather - thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain.  Here's what the hail looked like in my little back yard on Sunday night.

I have only just today taken the dogs back to by the river as I feared that there would be flooding of some of the ponds, as indeed there was.  To my surprise, the whole river must also have come right up on the other side and would have flowed over the grass where the dogs are running in that last photo down to the ponds, which are still very full.  The ground is also sodden. The dogs don't care, though.

Despite being really busy with my studies, I am knitting this capelet, though mine will open down the front.  I want it to be a little something I can fling over my shoulders to keep warm.  It has big fat cables and dropped stitches.
This is actually a raspberry colour which I find really hard to photograph so that the colour is correct.   I'm about halfway up the pattern, then there's the big collar bit.

  I'm hoping to teach some classes at the LQS, so last weekend (during aforementioned bad weather), I made (but have not yet bound) this Salted Peanut table runner using reversible quilting methods.  Of course, the table runner is just a way of practising the actual technique, which I quite enjoy doing.


Nancy J said...

Love the rasberry pink colour, but forgive my ignorance, What is LQS, and also " Salted Peanut" Great choice of colours as always.Cheers from Jean, currently in BOP, home tomorrow and my blog should resume.

Shirley Goodwin said...

LQS is "local quilt shop". A Salted Peanut table runner is like eating salted peanuts - one is never enough!

Nancy J said...

Now I know what to tell Hugh when I get more fabric." I just thought that the fat quarter was a salted peanut". Cheers Jean.