Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warning! Contains actual dyeing and stitching

Here's "Summer in Provence" in its raw state, tacked onto my bedroom wall.  I will attempt to complete it for Symposium, machines willing.

Between showers yesterday, I was able to get 6 metres of Blended fabric dyed - this has to be done outside and hung on the line to dry before I can wash it, so it quite weather-dependent.  I'm pleased with the results - you can see my new colour Coral in these pieces.  The darker red is Carmine Red, a Jacquard colour that I have a little left of. It wasn't too cold so the Turquoise didn't all wash out as it sometimes does.

Gratuitous cute animal shot of Frodo, Cressy and Seven all relaxing on my bed.


Jean said...

Hi Shirley, All things are possible, someone once it looks as though the Provence quilt will come together, animals will live in harmony, especially when the days (and nights) get cooler, and I'm sure you will be ready for Queenstown.Up here I have started "Monet's Hexagons" and just love it.will no doubt do it more than once, and also have thoughts of something for Japan, now Pike River and Chch have had a share of my time.our Japanese host daughter lives near Osaka, but still felt the big shake, very scared she said. Others further North are in desperate need. Cheers, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is lovely.

loulee said...

Those blocks look interesting. I like the center panels.