Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer in Provence

Back here, in mid November, I posted about dyeing fabric for a quilt called "Summer in Provence".  This was just before the quilts for Pike River miners' families took over my life (over 8,800 blocks to date - amazing, huh?).

Now that the National Quilting Symposium is only 3 weeks away and my Pfaff has ostensibly (but not actually) been repaired, I have decided to complete this as the quilt that I can show in the Tutors' exhibition.
Naturally, I am again having tension problems.  I have decided not to make the quilt as shown in the pattern, just put together the 9 squares.  This may, or may not, happen, depending on my machines.  I will try to keep calm, and hunt for the Janome cords and foot, although this machine was also giving me tension problems before I moved.

Before the Pfaff tension bombed out, I DID manage to do so stitching on the Rust Madonna that I made some time back.  I want to enter it in an exhibition at a local art gallery - previously, a friend had insisted strenuously that I not stitch it but now she is no longer on the scene, I will do as I please - which is what the piece needs.

Here's the Madonna plain and unadorned, just fused and with drawn features.

And here she is again, with some stitching that I think greatly improves her.  You may have to click on the photo to see it.  


The Idaho Beauty said...

Agreed. Adding stitch is already starting to transform this. Very lovely.

loulee said...

I hope those machines behave themselves.

Ali Honey said...

Yes, it needs the stitching - keep going if your machines allow.
Wish I was joining you in 3 weeks...but am saving for our big trip. One lady from our group is coming down that I know of. Enjoy.

KathyB said...

This is very lovely, and I so agree. The stitching adds so much! Love the ambiguity of your composition! I work with much smaller fabric pieces, and then add stitches as another element in the design. Please stop by and see what I'm creating with even the smallest scraps.