Sunday, March 06, 2011

Home comforts

 While I move quite often, I haven't been in rented accommodation for many, many years.  This has been a  necessity in Invercargill, as I was unable to sell my Rangiora home.  It's been quite hard to settle into a place that is so much smaller than I'm used to, but I'm trying to make it feel like home.  Here's the view of the unit from the teeny tiny back yard. All the plants in pots are mine.
 Who's been sleeping in my bed?  Cressy makes herself comfortable in my bedroom so she can keep an eye on the cat, who spends most of the day there.
 Frodo, on the other hand, is a couch potato, and perfectly happy if he has a couch to lie on.   And roll over on.
 With limited space and so much packed away in boxes, and being at school full-time, I haven't been doing any dyeing-related crafts.  However, I have been knitting.  I'm whizzing up a selection of fingerless gloves and mitts - here's one I've made from brushed wool.  Yes, I've made the other one as well but I need that hand to hold the camera.
 The multi-coloured scarf is completed.  Now I'll make a hat to match.  I want to keep walking to school as long as the weather isn't TOO bad.  Currently, I'm averaging 5 km a day (just over 3 miles for the non-metric readers).   Invercargill, being the southern-most city of New Zealand, is prone to quite a bit of wind and also rain.

Here's the first hat I've completed since I've been here (which will be a month tomorrow).  Very dull colours for me, but it's just a utilitarian beanie.

Only 6 weeks now till the Quilting Symposium in Queenstown - I have a fair bit of work to do to get ready for that, so will need to use my time wisely.


ms lottie said...

Yay! 6 weeks to go! I'll need to dig out my beanies and gloves for Queenstown - not much use for them up in Northland I find!

Jean said...

I read that it was to be only, wait for it, 3 degrees in the a.m. this w/end in Queenstown.Just a taste for the Symposium.How do you find the time to draw,photograph,etc and also knit and do your always enjoyable blog?a great relief to know you and the dogs and cat are safe down south. Waiting to see the next lot of sketches. Cheers, keep safe and warm.

loulee said...

The garden looks very pretty. Much better than mine. ;-)
Keep warm. Lou xx

Julie said...

Compact and bijou it may be but it looks very homely and your garden is lovely. Keep warm, the knitteds look great!