Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Evil Twin strikes again

Yes indeedy, the Evil Twin has been bending the plastic at Amazon again. Here's the latest crop of books that have arrived.
And I've found that my knitting photos weren't eaten by Picasa, so here's the 2 jerseys (=sweaters) that I'm working on.

Ugh, ghastly photo. This is op-shop (=thrift shop) wool, dark blue with a reddish thread in it. It's hard to see the pattern, but it has a slanting cable running up the front. I have to think while I'm knitting this, so it's not getting much attention at present.
I love this purple one (actually it's a cardigan) with the cabled rib, but now I'm working on the sleeves and have to use double-pointed which I hate! They are ok for socks, but I find them so clumsy and awkward on a big garment. Now that I'm having to go into the city to work, I'm tired in the evenings so have been knitting simple scarves that don't require any concentration.

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Linda Moran said...

Ooohh, those are tempting books! Birthday is coming, I think I will leave a list for hubby!