Sunday, May 04, 2008

.....two socks!


I am totally into socks at present and have already started to make another pair for me - using a very unusual pattern where you knit the cuffs sideways, then pick up stitches along one side for the rest of the sock. this fastens with a couple of small buttons.

I've also started a surprise pair for Sophie which are "graduation" socks, in charcoal (like her regalia)pink and blue - she had both pink and blue hoods for her 2 degrees. Also she tends to not wear bright multicolours like her mother (ahem!) so these will be more SUBTLE.

And here is the interesting sunset of the day I arrived back home to a pre-winter cold weather front.


Donald said...

Warm sock projects = good idea for this winter that seems to be establishing it's self way too early!

Ali Honey said...

Two! A pair ! Well done, I knew you could do it.