Monday, April 21, 2008

Stitch and dye with fabric & paper - part 1

This is an experiment that I'm doing with layers of fabric and including some hand made paper that was sent to me by Prue townsend, a Kiwi papaermaker, in exchange for a big bag of fabric scraps.

I knew that I wanted to include the paper in my work somewhere but hadn't found the right process. I started this experiment with a background piece of ordinary 100% white PFR cotton, then a layer of cheesecloth, and then the paper. this piece, which was quite heavy, had some red flower petals incorporated in it.

I stitched down one side with cottom embroidery floss, and then made up a central design in yarn. The yarn is 50% Tencel and 50% acrylic so I wasn't sure just how the colours would take. You can see that the stitching has creased the paper a lot.

Before I attacked the hand stitched piece, I did a small sample with the same layers but with machine stitching.

Because the thread isn't cotton, I knew it would stay white. I just wanted to see how the paper would react when wetted and re-dried. It's rather nice, although the cheesecloth is extremely difficult to dampen and so repels the dye.

Here's the hand stitched piece when it's dry. If you click on the photo, you can see that the paper has retained its "crumple", but was strong enough not to break down despite being heavily wetted with dye.

I have 2 more pieces that I'm going to stitch and dye with fabric and paper, but in these ones, I won't use the cheesecloth as it's too difficult to get the dye into it.

Watch this space.
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Purple Missus said...

These have turned out really well - very colourful. I'm amazed that the paper didn't disintegrate. Would you be able to tie-dye it (Shibori?) or do you think it would crease the paper too much. Can you iron it while still damp to get the creases out or does that deaden the colours? It looks good before the dye too :)

Krit said...

I really enjoy the creases. It adds element and life to the art. Thank you, I really enjoy them.