Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In which I show off my hand dyed wool

This is the scrumptious berry mixture you saw being painted in the last post. These skeins are all reclining on my lovely white flokati rug which is in front of the fireplace.
Left is a Golden yellow, Lilac and Avocado mix, with several shades of each colour; middle is a pale Yellow, Turquoise and Blue mix; and right is Boysenberry in light , medium and dark shades.
This is the multicoloured brigade. Each one has 8 or 9 colours.
This Red and Berry mix is destined to become a pair of socks for me!
And this will be a hat for Arisa - already on the needles, as she leaves to go back to Japan in 12 days.


Purple Missus said...

Oooh these are truly scrumptious, especially the multicoloured brigade. A good days work :)

Lorraine said...

Wow, those are glorious! I wish I could mix colors like that.

sharon young said...

OH boy!! These are good enough to eat!!! What fantastically bright colours. I still think the plum and the turquoise are the best :-)

Donald said...

Lovely strong and deep colours. Loved the contrast as I scrolled down with the B and W and shades of. Autumn and Rangiora must be working wonders for your creativity. btw hope the work load is easing?

I had a vigorous holiday in Fiordland last week, but now it's hard to apply myself to the usual work load. Must be autumn infecting me too!