Saturday, November 24, 2007

Silk Purse (but no sow's ear)

Remember this from earlier in the month? I didn't show any photos of its constructions, but it's made from 2 hand dyed paj silk scarves ripped lengthwise, and woven together, along with ribbons and trims. The piece was then stamped with Metallic Russet and Super Sparkle fabric paint, and covered with black net (limited choice of colours - brown would have been better, but black was all I had). I felt I needed to cover it as paj silk is so light and delicate, and on a bag, it'd be easily snagged or damaged.
I added a layer of pellon for bulk, then lined it with a piece of yellow silk. Then I free motion quilted it. The purse is my own design. It has a gusset that you can see in the next photo and a button/tab closure. The raw edces of the flap are satin stitched.
The finished purse is around 10 inches long by 7 inches wide (25 x 18 cm) so big enough to hold a wallet, mobile phone, keys, sunglasses etc.

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Susie Monday said...

love these bags