Saturday, November 17, 2007


Spammers! I hate them. The last 2 days I have logged on to find, each day, over 300 bounced emails...because some pathetic @#$%^&!!! spammer has hijacked my website address to tell the world about their fake penis-enlarging products. This is pollution of the first degree.

These are people who deserve a firing squad at dawn as far as I'm concerned.


Julie said...

Ugh! Sounds a horrible experience! It's about time this net had some policing to stop some of this disgusting stuff.

Lorraine said...


loulee1 said...

Sigh, I get the very same emails.
I think you know what I'd like to do to their penises.

Karen Hall said...

I had the same (spammers that is - not the other!) - so I understand

Valeri said...

Why wait until dawn!