Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Having a good time.....tra la la

While I wait to mortgage myself up to the eyebrows, I'm having a good time doing some creative stuff.....for a change, I hear you say. Yes, the creative side has suffered lately due to everything else happening, and i dare say it'll slow down again in a couple of months when I take over the busienss that I'm going to buy.
In the meantime, I am rapt with these book wraps. Here's one I have just made out of plaited dyed fabric (very interesting effect, skinny bits of fabric though), dyed silk and various threads and trims.
It's covered with a layer of purple net (formerly one of those trendy mosquito nets everyone had over their beds a few years ago), stamped with Lumiere (before covering), and fastened with a strip of fabric looped around a painted button. This is a birthday gift for a friend, so comes with a notebook.
And for those who enjoyed my flower photos, here's some lovely peonies that another friend gave me. Peonies grow well here because of the cold winters. I love them!


Annica said...

It's beautiful! I'm sure your friend will love this gift!

Lorraine said...

I love the whole concept of the woven strip fabric. It's lovely.

BTW, those look like the exact peonies I have in my front garden. Small world, eh?