Sunday, October 28, 2007

Teaching Time

On Friday, I went down to Waimate (3 hours' drive south) where I was to teach a class on Reversible Quilts. I chose these very simple designs because it's a technique class, rather than a pattern or design class. I stayed Friday night with Rhonda, the club president, in their lovely new house on a dairy farm just out of town. We talked about quilting (what else?) and Rhonda was delighted to get ideas from me, though I really didn't think I contributed all that much. The Waimate club is very traditional, mainly older ladies and not a lot of experience, so I think it was just having someone with different ways of doing things that was helpful to her. I gave her some of my Blended fabric as a thank-you, which will work in well as she wants to make a set of 4 appliqué landscapes representing their lovely view over the 4 seasons, and the Blended fabric is very good for landscapes.
The class members seemed to enjoy themselves, especially once they understood how to do this technique - it can be used in many ways provided you're using the same sized blocks or strips on each side. I only had 2 blocks joined together when I went down, rather than the whole quilt as I'd intended, but this didn't matter as I worked alongside the class. Above is the first row on each side - you'll see that I've just quilted slightly inside the cat shape. This is the only quilting that I'll do for this. I have the second row nearly ready, and then I'll sash between the rows. The batik cats look good, especially on the quite plain hand dyed backgrounds. The other side is all browns and raspberry-type reds and pinks.

More photos as I go!


Donald said...

Love those cats Shirley. What do the dogs think of them!?

Waimate... as you know I grew up near there... I'm sure there will now be a huge appreciation re. your visit and how you've shared ideas with what is a delightful, but quiet community.



loulee1 said...

Love the puss cats. I like the technique too, I may have a try at that sometime.