Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lucky me!

I found a parcel in my mailbox yesterday which at first I thought was an early birthday present (yes, I am about to become a year older). However, on closer inspection, the South African stamps alerted me to the fact that this was, in fact, the painting I'd won on Suzi-k's blog. Thanks, Suzi! It's lovely.
And just to show that I still get to see the sunrise here (just not as dramatically), here's one I prepared earlier.


Ali Honey said...

2 lovely scenes. Congratulations!

Emmy said...

lucky you it is wonderful

Sheila said...

Great greens. And the sunset is gorgeous!

meggie said...

I love Rangiora. It has some really happy memories of a dear dear friend for me. He has passed away now, but I still see us there.
I love the look of your wonderful A frame house. I wish you well with your job, & settling in.xx

loulee1 said...

Lovely images.
How's life? Are you a working girl yet?