Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thinking but not doing

I'm certainly doing plenty of thinking about my quilting, though no actual doing is taking place.  The house is on the market and there are 2 Open Homes at weekends, so I've been reluctant to wallow in fabric and mess seeing as I have to constantly tidy it all up.  I'm frustrated by the long wait to get the house sold, which is making me grumpy.  Anyway, last post I showed you the brown batik fabrics and the accompanying hand dyes.  This is what they look like together:

and these are the accent colours that I've chosen to go with the browns. 

Now all I have to do is decide on the pattern, and actually do it !

BREAKING NEWS - my Screen Printing for Quilters online class starts tomorrow (February 28th) at the Academy of Quilting.  This is written especially for quilters and fabric artists, and requires no complicated chemicals or processes.  Screen printing is a way of adding different designs, shapes and textures to your work.

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Nancy J said...

Those fabrics are great together, and Open Homes, a lot of work, having all so neat,tidy, cleaned up and sparkling. I do hope it all happens very soon. Cheers, jean