Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

To all my readers - I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas (or whatever festival you celebrate).  As I graduated a week or so ago and my children came down to Invercargill for the weekend, we had our family time then.  Tomorrow (it's Christmas Eve here in New Zealand), I will be having Christmas lunch with my friend Angela, her 2 sons (aged 7 and 9), and a lad who works with Angela but whose family don't celebrate Christmas.  We are having a frugal Christmas this year but it's also stress-free.  There will be plenty to eat and we'll have a good time.
 Here's me in my cap and gown.....
...and with Sophie and Cass.

I have a very long degree - it's a Bachelor of Applied Media Arts (Visual Media).  BAMA for short.  Now I can join the ranks of unemployed artists.


Nancy J said...

Fond Christmas Greetings to you Shirley, and again, many Congratulations!! Wonderful to celebrate with Sophie and Cass, a special time together. I truly hope 2014 will be kind to you, and you will find new beginnings when the time is right. Cheers, Jean.

Helen Suzanne said...

Belated congratulations Shirley!! Sorry I missed seeing this. Some how your blog stopped showing up but that's remedied now :D
all the best
Helen Suzanne