Monday, December 02, 2013

Having fun.

I'm currently writing my screen printing course, which involves a considerable amount of writing interspersed with hands-on printing.
 It's great to get back into some of the stuff I love doing.  The joy of playing!  The colours!  The fabric! How I've missed you.
This tree print is the 5th print from the stencil I cut -it's losing a bit of paint at some of the ends, but the colour looks great against the hand dyed fabric.

I also finished crocheting this scarf from merino and silk.  Now I'm making  knitted knights' helmets and little crocheted Daleks for my friend's boys for Christmas.

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Nancy J said...

I can see that "fun" will be all go from now on, lovely screen print, and the blue yarn, what a superb colour. Enjoy your days, greetings from Jean.