Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random images from the past few days

I really can't get enough of blue shutters. Usually they are not arched like these beautiful ones in Régusse.
Fromage de chèvre - goat's cheese - which came on a kebab stick and was delicious!
This day, there was Armandine (clockwise from left front), Ann-Sophie, Guilwen and Manoé (just here for lunch), Elodie's mother's friend and Sophie, her mother working on the studio, as well as Elodie (not in photo) and me.
Putting the first layer of earth plaster onto the straw bales at Elodie's studio. This is difficult as the straw is dry and it's hard to make it stick.
Not pretty like Japanese drain coves, but a pleasing design nevertheless.

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loulee said...

Who says not pretty? Did you see a man hole cover as decorative as that here? Good to see you enjoying yourself and obviously feeling better. ((Hugs))