Sunday, February 14, 2010

The 20 minute Bag

I haven't fixed the shibori quilt yet, though I'm planning to attack it today. It became too hot yesterday to be upstairs sewing, so I watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Yesterday morning, I was out and about, looking for suitable garments to dye and discharge. To get "in the zone", I wore my shibori top (scroll down). As I got myself ready to go out, I decided the usual pink handbag I take to work just wasn't working. I looked at the matching fabric - see 2 posts down - and thought "I wonder if I can make a bag in the 20 minutes I have before I leave?"

OK, designer it ain't - but it DID only take 20 minutes to run up. It's just a double layer of fabric with pellon inside, and it even has an internal pocket.


kiwicarole said...

Wow 20 mins, I'm impressed! :D

Rayna said...

What a fabulous idea!
20 min? I wouldn't even attempt it - I can't sew. This looks great - next thing you know, you'll be taking orders.