Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frankly, I'm amazed

Yes indeedy. Today I'm quilting Bronwen's quilt - she moved yesterday and I hope to be able to give this to her tomorrow. Having been inspired by the lovely Patsy Thompson, I decided to quilt it with feather designs.

Now those who are familiar with my stitching will know it elicits more of the "well, I guess it's quilted" rather than the "Wow! Look at the control, the precision, the exquisite stitching!" that Patsy gets. My feathers have shown a rather alarming tendency to become ferns or leaves, and on the borders, they change direction regularly, but overall, they DO manage to show some degree of featheriness. At least to non-quilters.
This is the reverse - I drew the spine of 4 main feathers, then did the rest freehand, which is how I usually quilt.
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Valeri said...

I think they are very good feathers. I am doing feathers with my class next Friday in an advanced quilting class and if they do half as well I'll be pleased!