Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fabric frenzy

Firstly, thank you to my blog readers and friends for your support and sympathy - I will always grieve for Roxy on her birthday and the anniversary of the day she died, because that's all I CAN do - keep her memory alive.

Secondly, I have had a fabric frenzy. I am so excited by my new plans to teach quilting using traditional and modern block designs, which has surprised me as I really only make art quilts these days and didn't think I'd get excited about block quilts. What has also surprised me is my desire for fabric, as I tend to mainly dye my own and use little commercial stuff.

However....I decided that if I was going to make sample quilts to entice people to take my classes, then they need to be beautiful and eye-catching, and not look like they were cobbled together out of leftover odds and ends such as I have in my stash. Also, because I'm starting to do classes through the local quilt shop, I needed to use more than just hand-dyes in my samples.

And because I never do one thing at a time, I am now making 5 more quilts in addition to the Bento Boxes one I've already shown you a glimpse of. Here's what's coming up:

These 2 will be combined with a pale purple hand dye to make a pinwheel "make a queen-sized quilt top in a day" class.

These 4 batiks will make a beginner's quilt.
I even bought a jelly roll to make a fabulous quilt designed especially for them. This colourway is called "Mint Chip".
These 3 will combine with a plain fabric (maybe calico) to make another beginner's quilt.
And the piece de resistance (due to the substantial cost!) will be this quilt. It took me about an hour to pick 7 other suitable fabrics to go with the main fabric I chose, which is Hoffmans "Feathers" (centre). There are main blocks, sashing blocks, and 2 different lots of setting triangles, so it's for intermediate quilters. The Feathers fabric is the centre of the main blocks, and also the border. This should look stunning.


Ali Honey said...

Ah so it got you in the end - or maybe this is a relapse???? Fabric, lovely fabric.
It will be great if you can use some of the shop fabric( they will be pleased with you )along with some of your dyed fabric. Good luck with your pupils. ( I love teaching too...but then I have been for a long time now hehe.Adults who want to learn are a piece of cake compared with kids who don't want to be there ) Enjoy!

verobirdie said...

Those fabrics are lovely, especially the jelly roll and the feathers.
I'd lost your blog through a PC crash, and understood only recently how facebook works. I'm glad I found you again...

Linda Moran said...

Ooohhh - eye candy! Thank heavens I'm quilting today!!

Doreen K. said...

Lovely fabrics. I am especially interested to see what you do with the mint chip. I have that one.