Sunday, February 22, 2009


From this .... this.
And from this..... these.

I have a magazine with this design that I liked. There is no pattern so I decided to make my own, using leftover yarn from my stash. Here's the design - a shrug with added peplum knitted on big needles. Just the sort of thing to fling on at home when it gets a bit cold.
This is some of the wool I'm using which has been overdyed previously.

And here's the start of the work - I had to stop to do the dyeing and wait for the yarn to dry. It's knit from sleeve to sleeve.


Sheila said...

That's really interesting. I'll be watching for progress reports.

Janet said...

That first picture brings back memories...but I'm not sure what or why! I love the shrug!!!

sharon young said...

Fabulous colours, Shirley, and how clever of you to knit it without a pattern, I'd love to do this, especially incorporating a peplum.
I saw a fantastic cardigan at the w/e in a local show but it was for sale complete @ £200 and no pattern available, wish I'd photographed it now.
Good to see you on my blog.
How sad for you that you don't have Ikea in NZ, was it them or the government who decided no.

Nora said...

Wonderful colours.
This may be a silly question, but can one over dye acrylic yarns?
I am quite allergic to wool and my nose starts to itch just looking at your lovely fluffy wools.