Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you miss me? And the Rust Madonna moves on.

Not that I've been away - just without my main computer for 2 weeks. I also have a work laptop and a wee netbook, but all my dye business software and a multitude of documents as well as photo formatting software are on the desktop.

Here are some more lovely pinks and reds from the garden, as we approach the start of summer.
This is a completely gratuitous shot of Grizabella, for no other reason than she doesn't feature much normally. She is Seven's daughter, and a long-tailed Manx (Tailless) cat.
My vegetable garden is flourishing - this is lettuce, rocket, mesclun and baby spinach.
Of course, I haven't been idle. I'm playing with knitting fabric - hand dyed of course!
I also made a couple of changes to the Rust Madonna. My friend who is an artist (the painting kind) enthused over this, and wants me to frame it as is without stitching. Currently, I'm making a second version in different colours which I'll show within the next few days.


Joyce said...

I love the rust madonna. I always worry that the quilting will spoil a project, probably because it has happend to me more than once. Being a quilter though, I always feel I have to quilt them. I wonder why? Your Madonna would be beautiful just framed as it is.

Denise Aumick said...

Shirley! Rust Madonna is gorgeous. I think your artist friend might be 1/2 right. Maybe just minimal stiching in the background so the focal images really pop out?

Janet said...

what a beautiful kitty! I love calicos :-)

That knitting color looks familiar; I thought of you this morning while I was wearing the hat you knit for me!

Julie said...

Grisabella is gorgeous! And your rust Madonna is beautiful without stitching. The faces are reminiscent of Picasso I think.


Love the pussy cat!

I like the rusty Madonna as it is too. Putting in the face takes you right into the picture and sorts out the perspectives and scale for me. Brilliant! What do you feel about stitching it?

Sheila said...

You have been busy. I love the rust madonna. The lettuce looks so yummy.