Sunday, July 13, 2008

WIP - Sonnet

I decided that I would start my new project, although I still have 3 other sweaters/cardigans uncompleted. Actually there is at least one other somewhere as well. It's not quite what I was looking for but I settled on this Knitty design called Sonnet.

I've made this before for other people and enjoy knitting it, as the body is knitted sideways. In the photo, the lower edge is centre front, and I'm currently knitting the left front. The pattern is mainly garter stitch with box stitch panels.

It's a nice yarn to knit but I don't know that I'm thrilled with the way the colours are coming out. For some reason, the yarn was more appealing in the hank.

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sharon young said...

Looks like a very comfortable pattern, Shirley, and I think the colour combo is gorgeous, but then I would , it's one of my favourite. Nice cardigans are getting increasingly rare in the shops I find, girls today would rather get cold :-) Oh dear I sound like a great grandmother, oops!!