Sunday, July 06, 2008

Refugee Quilt part 2

Yesterday I put this backing on the quilt. Amazingly, I had enough cotton batting to fit it. You can see the very minimalist quilting I've done - just diagonals one way, and with wavy lines down the borders. It's reminded me of how much I hate making big quilts like this, and all the problems that come with doing a quick job - seams not matching perfectly, slippage during quilting, fabric's pretty rough and ready, but it'll do the job.
Yesterday was like this - sleety showers. The dogs elected to stay beside the fire.
I've been sewing this quilt downstairs as it's more pleasant. the table I'm using is just to the left of this photo.

The binding is on, so now I have to hand sew the other side of it. Then I'll package it up along with an unneeded duvet and cover (the refugees are feeling the cold) and my old DVD player, and send it to my daughter for her to take to them.


Ali Honey said...

Oh I do hope you are staying warm! Amazing coverage on TV last night of all the snow and ice everywhere ( almost ). Apparently we have snow on the Kaimais which doesn't happen very often.

Good for you helping someone else stay warm!!!

loulee1 said...

Brrrrr! Definately quilting weather. Stay warm.

Deb H said...

Your Trip Around the World is spectacular! What a beautiful thing to do for people in need. & what a nice way to spend a sleety afternoon.

sharon young said...

What a labour of love, hats off to you!!
Your weather looks dire, I feel for you, I hate the cold so much.
THe dogs definitely have the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Yep - same weather here, same doggy ideas too.!