Monday, February 11, 2008


After doing the monprinting, where the fabric pieces had to fit the size of the plastic I was printing on, I was left with some smaller pieces of soda soaked and dried fabric. I decided to use up the leftover dyes on these, plus a couple of little clean-up cloths shown above. I folded the plain pieces in various ways, and tied them with loose threads. One had a pin to hold it in place, and another a bulldog clip. Then I tipped the leftover primary coloured dyes randomly on each piece, starting with Tangerine, followed by Midnight blue.
The I put the last of the Turkey Red, and followed this with some of the various browns I was using. I had visions of sepia tones in my head, and this was what I was trying to achieve with the flour resists - a pale background with browns and dark blue cracks and markings. I didn't manipulate the fabric much as I didn't mind if it had some white patches.
Here are 4 pieces, which are very pretty.
So is the last one, and even the little cleaning cloths are quite nice. Putting the browns on last gave the other colours time to strike and those first colours came through in the final result, despite being heavily dowsed with browns.


Fran├žoise said...


Feather on a Wire said...

I don't know if this appeals or not, but when Marion and I went on the shibori workshop, one method is to have wooden cut out shapes (two of each shape) and use bulldog clips to press these two shapes (hearts, circles whatever) together to resist the dye.
Just a thought as you are using them anyway (and you probably know about it already)

Judy said...

Thanks for such details of your process and the great photos. It really helps to see and read it all.
Great colors!

Doe said...

Good to see you're still having lots
of fun with dyes.
resist dyeing is always full of surprises.
Was thinking about you as I'm using up some of your dyes, can't pop up the road to collect some more now, so will email an order soon, will miss the chat though.

Janet said...

lol that third picture down looks like someone was killed!