Saturday, February 09, 2008


Yes, this is indeed the 400th blog entry! Yippee! Thanks to all my lovely readers who make blogging so worthwhile. Now I know I haven't been posting much over the last couple of weeks due to pressure of work - the new business is time-consuming, plus I am back to being a hands-on "mother" for Arisa. In my spare time, I get to process and pack my dye orders for the other business. Sigh.

However, I haven't been idle, and I have several things on the needles, as I knit in the evenings when I'm relaxing in front of TV. Also, I found this lovely book at the University Bookshop (interestingly enough, this is located at Christchurch Hospital, where I was passing time waiting for someone who had an appointment there).
Apologies for the flash reflection on these photos which were taken last evening. You probably won't be reading this book unless you're a Kiwi, as it's about New Zealand craftspeople. There are several quilters/fibre artists in it but I found the other artisans inspiring - see the following collages:

Intricate bone carvings in Maori designs; a lovely wooden bowl inlaid with paua (abalone) shell; a carved wooden statue.
Felt hats; glass beads with "flowers" inside them; and these gorgeous flamboyant teapots.

I've also just received the latest issue of "Quilting Arts" magazine. I can't believe there are so many articles in it about things I want do and am poised to do! Monoprinting! Monoprinting in layers! Framing! Ah, I love that magazine.

Today I am exercising self-control and packing my dye orders BEFORE being creative. Anyway, I have to soda soak some fabric for monoprinting so need to wait for that to dry. Then I have PLANS!


Dianne said...

Happy blogiversary Shirley!! Look forward to the next 400.

Karen said...

Congrats on the posts! Looking forward to the monoprinting posts to come, Enjoy!

Julie said...

Congratulations on your 400th post Shirley. Keep it up!

Judy said...

400 posts...that's a lot!
Don't you just love it when QA's difficult to decide which technique to try first.