Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rising out of the ashes in an Easter sorta way

OK, Easter has nothing to do with ashes as such, but I didn't want to sound disrespectful to the deeply religious.

I am very energised by all the creative stuff I'm doing. Admittedly, it's hardly award-winning gallery work, it's only stuff for my upcoming market stall, but it's certainly made me feel good and inspired.

Here's another batch of Magic card/cellphone holders that I've made. I'm introducing New Zealand fabrics into the mix as I am trying to appeal to the tourist market.

And the things in the other photo may not be obvious, but they're fabric wrappers which will hold a cake of soap. There's a wrapped one in the middle of the photo, and below it's unwrapped so you can see better how it works. There are 2 layers of fabric, a commercial print on the outside, and my hand-dyes in a matching colorway fused to the inside.
And on the drawing board? I'm going to play with fabric boxes a bit, and also want to whip up some lavender bags, bookmarks, and felted clip tags.

More photos later!

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Janet said...

love that patchwork look!!!