Sunday, April 15, 2007

Basking in reflected glory

...well, maybe not glory as lovely daughter Sophie has just walked 100 kms (about 62 miles) around Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake which is in the centre of the North Island. It took her 30 hours (yes, 30, with no sleep), and 2 of her friends walking with her in the team of 4 dropped out overnight. It was by no means an easy stroll, as there are substantial uphill parts of this road.

This walk was to raise money for Oxfam, and the target is $4000 for their team. They raised 72% of that before the walk staretd, but still need more to reach target.

I am really proud of Sophie, as we are not a naturally athletic family and she has never played any sport, so she has had to train hard for this over the past few months, along with studying fulltime for her law degree and working 20 hours a week as a law clerk.
Should any readers wish to make a donation to Oxfam and support her efforts, click on this link and click on the upper right hand button that says "Make a Difference - donate now".

Do let me know if you make a donation, so I can personally thank you.
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joyce said...

Congratulations on having such a committed (and beautiful) daughter. I can't imagine walking for 30 hours.

Barbara said...

I have never walked for 30 hours ! I can't imagine that. georgious!

Janet said...

Congratulations to Sophie! You must be very proud of her :-)