Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chips without fish

A week of doing stuff I have to, so nothing much creative happening apart from knitting the apple green wool shown in last Sunday's photo. I'm putting together a new customer newsletter for my dye business, which involves deciding what to feature, writing the newsletter, updating the website because none of the featured stuff is on it, working out how to upload my ebook (I keep putting this off, as it involves applying myself to read instructions - heaven forbid!) and also, finally getting a new colour chart of fabric chips onto my site. I've changed dye suppliers, but the new one doesn't distribute printed colour charts. As most of the stock I had was from the old supplier, this hasn't been a problem until now. So I've dyed up little squitty bits of fabric and cut and pasted (about to in the photo) them so customers can see what they're buying.

So much for not working at weekends. Posted by Picasa

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cedar51 said...

LOL however Shirley you could have a couple of days off during the week :-)

I have spent part of this weekend trying to fathom out why suddenly the PDFilemaker file won't work with Publisher a.k.a as Emb guilds' newsletter. I just discovered this morning it will work with other Office programmes so me thinks it's Publisher that has gone AWOL

which mean in turn I need to backup at least this months newsletter and re-install Publisher.....I think maybe Monday after the diabolical weather weekend

that might not seem related to your chips without fish and w/end work but my "work" is mainly voluntary so to have to fiddle around in the w/end on that is not good :-(