Tuesday, March 01, 2016

On the design wall

It's 1st March - time again for my beginners' Electric Quilt class to start up for 2016.  EQ7 is a great piece of software, and I've had this version and earlier versions for quite a few years now.  But it's also very complex, and it can be daunting.  I know a few quilters who have EQ but who don't really use it, or just use some very basic bits of it because they don't fully understand it.  The reference manual that comes with it is comprehensive, but it's that - a reference manual.  It's not called "How To Make A Quilt with EQ" - so that's where this beginners' class comes in, because it IS about how to make a quilt.  We get familiar with what's in the software; the Libraries where the preset blocks and fabrics are; the different quilt and border layouts and options; how to use the colouring tools and much, much more.

So....what's on my design wall from EQ?
These fish are simplified versions of  the ones found in the Applique Library.  They are destined (along with 9 more) to become a child's quilt.  I can see how this whole quilt will look when put together by using EQ.

This is a portion of a quilt big enough for a bed. I bought the gorgeous batik fabrics for this lovely geometric design -  easy to draw when you have EQ.   There's lots of secondary patterns going on here!

With EQ7, you can make design and make quilts like these.  Join the Beginners' Class at http://academyofquilting.com/ and you get full instructions, screen shots and videos, plus access to the tutor (me).  Everything is downloadable, so you can save it all to your computer.  The class starts on Friday (Saturday in NZ time), and is open for enrolment now.


Deb Hardman said...

Just dropped in to say hi Shirley! It's been too long! Love what you do still! & you are still welcome to come to my house any time you want to visit Alaska!

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