Monday, April 22, 2013

Something for everyone

At felting group today, member Christine Munro showed us these 2 wonderful garments she had made.  The first (above) is a long sleeveless vest.

 This one is more of a sleeveless overtop.  It has paua buttons and features crocheted decorations.

Both these are for sale - if you're interested, contact me and I'll get Christine to talk to you.

The irrepressible Bek Pilley was also there, and showed off what she'd done to one of her long-tailed (for want of a better expression) hats - it's decorated with beads and stitching and looks magnificent.

I  have posted before about Bek's hatmaking classes - well worth going to.

Invercargill's weather isn't always delightful, but there are some wonderful sunrises.  This photo was taken one weekend morning as I walked the dogs along the Waihopai River.
 For the dyers, this is a piece of overdyed fabric that I've made to go in my major project this year. More photos as they come to hand.

For knitters, this is a simple but very attractive scarf I'm knitting.  The idea is the team a plain colour stripe up with a wool that changes colours for the other stripe, creating this interesting look.  Done in 1/1 rib with an uneven number of stitches, it creates a thick, compact scarf with no annoying loose ends to darn in afterwards.  

Lastly, a gratuitous cute animal shot.  Here's Frodo, suitably backlit with late afternoon sun, down by the ponds where I walk the dogs each day.  


The Idaho Beauty said...

Lots of somethings - particularly like that sunset!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oops - sunrise that is. I'm not an early riser so I just assume any colorful cloud pictures must be a sunset...

MargaretR said...

Those garments are so, so wonderful!

Nancy J said...

Stunning felting, guess you are extra busy with term work. The sunrise is superb, we have had some like that up here lately. Lovely photos, Greetings from Jean