Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tutorial - using stripes

It's New Year's Eve here, so what better time to start something new?  I don't celebrate New Year (as in  going to parties); for me, it's a time for reflection and renewal.

I bought four 1 metre lengths of Kaffe Fassett striped fabric recently in an "end of roll" sale.  I'm going to make a striped quilt which I'll document as a tutorial for those who are interested or perhaps, reluctant to try stripes.  As I need more than 4 metres, I'm using some cream homespun (on the left)  which I'll dye to match.  Why cream and not white?  Dyeing on a cream background will take the edge off the brigth colours so it'll be more in keeping with the striped fabric.

Here's the results, and the dyes I chose:

Mustard (left) and Golden Yellow at a medium strength.

Nutmeg (left) and Coral.
Lilac (left) and Sapphire Blue.

Teal (left) and Emerald at a medium strength.

I've used some of the colours at medium strength because it adds more contrast.  Now I'm off to start cutting.  Watch this space for updates.


Anonymous said...

I just finished quilting my son's quilt that used those same stripes. I used a pattern from one of Kaffe's books.

Lisa said...

Beautiful dyed fabric Shirley, I love your colour choices.

the maldives honeymoon said...

Thank you for sharing your articles, I hope you have an interesting and creative new year.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog, I'm a dyer too. I'll watch with interest to see what you do with these stripes, something I've avoided in the past.

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