Monday, October 10, 2011


Yes, indeedy, this is post number 799.

Much is going on behind the scenes.  It's the last term of year, and Photography 2 is in full swing.  There's always a lot to do in Photography class, and in this one, I'm learning manual controls which I've never used before.  There's another Art History essay due at the end of the month, and a set of drawings of people at work also need to be done.  In addition, I move house this Friday, with the help of my lovely friends from class.  And despite last week's extraction of a wisdom tooth, I'm still suffering wall-to-wall toothache, so it's back to the dentist as soon as possible.  Of course, I would have preferred to move house in the  holidays but once my old house was sold, I just wanted to get into a place of my own as soon as I could.  Watch for photos.

 This is rare Auckland Island piggy...
 ..and I'm not sure exactly what sort this is.  They are in the animal section in Queen's Park.
 The lovely native kowhai tree in flower (sophora tetraptera for the botanists).
 Falling water photographed at slow speed - part of my class project.
 The Twins pretending to be a sheepskin rug.
 The fountain taken at an unusual speed.
 Some of the lovely flowers in the Winter Gardens.
And lastly, our native kakabeak (clianthus puniceus), found only in New Zealand.


Ali Honey said...

My you are one busy lady. I do hope you get the toothache fixed - that's ghastly to put up with . Good Luck.

Nancy J said...

Looks like a Full Page again and very full days.Hope the toothache gets fixed.Nothing like an extraction to leave a gap, and an awful ache afterwards.Love the flower colour, are they cinerarias?
fine weather has been ordered for moving day, and the days after as you settle in.All good wishes from up here.Cheers, Jean.

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Donald said...

Hi Shirley

Your works are coming along nicely - more playful and your eye for colour and all the work over the years with dye etc. is a wonderful influence to see developing.

Also love the composition of the dogs!

The issue of slow shutter speeds for water vexes me. Best explained by one of my serious photographer friends summing it by expressing his dislike for it looking like threads of chewing gum.

And from what I can telling the chewing gum fashion seems a fad.

To me there is a fine line defined by light and context, and I find it hard to nail in my own work.

Have a good long weekend.



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