Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Normal service will resume shortly

After 2 hectic days and nearly 9 hours of travelling, I'm now in Invercargill, trying to get used to a space that's about 1/3 the size of my Rangiora home.  The climate is fresh here, with cool winds and rain featuring more often than Canterbury but at least I will be spared the mid-30s temperatures that I find so trying. 

 Here's a couple of Pike River quilts that arrived before I left.  The purple one was made by Jean McKinstry, an old friend from Lake Tarawera.
 And this is another heart quilt kindly compiled and quilted by Kiwiquilter Jan Main.


Julie said...

Welcome to Invecargill Shirley. I hope you soon settle in to your new home town and find a permanent home.

Marls said...

Welcome to Invercargill.Hope you settle in ok. The weather does take some getting used to!!

Jean said...

Shirley,I'm sure that Invercargill will welcome you with that special Southern Hospitality.Enjoy the weather,the challenge of a new home, new town,new friends and a new degree .All good wishes from an old friend,Lake Tarawera days long gone but friendship stays.

loulee said...

I hope you get settles soon. Down sizing is never easy, use it as a good excuse to have a turf out.