Monday, January 03, 2011

Doing nothing

Normally, this is the time of year when I get really bored.  I've had the excitement of Christmas, with family staying for a few days.  Then they go away, my friends are either away or occupied with their families, and I'm at home.

Fortunately, after a couple of days of feeling grumpy and despondent, I settle in to Doing Nothing.  Usually I have serious To Do lists, but at this time, I just ignore these.  In New Zealand, there are 4 days of statutory holidays at Christmas and another 4 at New Year, when most shops are closed and there's no mail deliveries.

Interestingly, Doing Nothing can be very productive for me.  11 years ago, I started Kiwiquilters, an email list for quilters that now has over 500 members, because I was bored. This was one of my better ideas.  This year, I've started my new blog, Creative Women of a Certain Age, which is designed to be an interactive blog. Interactive in the sense that I will comment each week on an issue that is relevant to women over 45, and I encourage my blog readers to share their opinions on this topic.  Don't think anyone is interested in your opinion?  I am.  Feel that you husband and/or children don't listen to you?  I will.  Concerned about how your life has changed?  Feel free to say so.  You don't need to agree with what I say - you might have a completely different viewpoint, so why not express it?  This week's topic is Doing Something New. 

And while I say I'm doing nothing, I'm not exactly sitting in a vacuum.  When I started to knit with the long repeat wool I dyed yesterday, I realised that I couldn't possibly colour pool with it as the repeats were just too long.  But that's me - act first, think afterwards.  Or as I prefer to put it, you don't know how anything will work out until you try it.  But no matter!  With my short attention span, I just adore knitting hand painted wool.  This will be a light, airy rainbow-coloured scarf that can double as a shawl.  I'm going to play with different lace stitches - above you can see the first band.


Leeann said...

thats knitting up nice, I went to the beach as I don't feel like sewing etc is just did nothing weather! your bored is called 'chilling' by the kids. Have you seen that ad on TV with the guys doing nothing? Your post reminded me of that too!

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

I've been bit by the knitting/crochet bug in a big way this past year, learning how to dye wool fibers too...a wonderful addiction!!!

Deborah said...

I love the comment about settling to do nothing....I guess I never really thought about it as a conscious decision but it makes sense lol.