Sunday, August 16, 2009

Babysitting and spring

One of my favourite harbingers of spring is daphne flowers. These are the first ones I've picked and the scent is glorious.
The poodles are still in shaggy mode, and being twins as usual.
I'm also babysitting Sophie's pets until she moves. Here are Peaches and Cream, the cockatiels.
And the little tank you can see behind them is housing Jose, the axolotl (Mexican Walking Fish). These are a type of salamander, and have faces only a mother would love.


Sheila said...

Looks like a fun crew you have there. I love the flower. Are you warming up into spring already? We are still hot in summer here in the SW desert of Utah.

Milly said...

Oh my goodness that little salamander is um interesting. LOL.
I love your fur babies and how they mirror each other.
We are still a bit warm here, we have had three days of rain so the humidity is off the charts today.
Good day to say in the cool and do fiber related things.

loulee said...

So by the time I arrive spring will be in full bloom! (Late October)
Cute lil axolotl, they are weird, but I love em.

verobirdie said...

In fact, I find Jose rather cute, in its way.
The dogs are so nice too.

downunderdale said...

that sprig of daphne made me homesick - I can smell it from here. You can't grow them in Perth - I have tried

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

I was very surprised to see a Mexican fish in New Zealand. I would think if it got into the wild it could do very well in your climate, that is unless you already have it there in the wild.