Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh frabjous day!

Today I received my contract from the committee of Quilt Symposium 2007 (for non-Kiwis, this is THE 2-yearly quilting event in New Zealand). In January 2007, it'll be held over 5 days in Palmerston North in the North Island. I had been advised that I was selected as a tutor, but didn't know what class they wanted me to teach. I discovered that I have been asked to teach 5 days of classes, provided these classes are filled of course. Wow! I never expected that. I'll be teaching the following:
- Basic Dyeing (1 day)
- Beyond the Basics (1 day)
- Surface Design (2 days); and the only class involving sewing:
- Reverberations (1 day). This has expanded shapes appliqued onto a checkerboard background.

I'm so excited! And a bit scared too, as my teaching has been mainly informal to date (well, this sort of teaching) but at least I have 12 months to get it sorted.

Here's a picture of the sample for Reverberations. It's called "Cosmic Refraction".


Anonymous said...

wow and congratulations on your teaching programme at Symposium - hope that you have great accomodation that allows you to really rest at night etc

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley
I look forward to seeing more of your work - congrats on your classes at PN. I am always available if you want to test drive the classes beforehand - LOL.
- Kat